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    Celebrating the Super Bowl with 6one7 Productions

    I think that my favorite Super Bowl of all time was last year. I celebrated by paying no attention to it because I was in Greece and when one is in Greece, football is the last thing on their mind (not that it’s ever really on my mind). Honestly, I am not a big football fan and as unAmerican as that may be, I just don’t have the attention span or the patience to watch the sport. One thing I am a fan of though is a good celebration. No matter how big or small, I am always down for a party. So of course when I found out that…

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    How to Travel like A V.I.P. When You Ain’t Ish

    Have you ever been to the airport and seen that person dressed to the nines, that skips all the line and has lounge access with many fine wines? Have you ever wanted to be that person but thought it was out of reach? Well it’s not! Over the past few years I have learned a ton of tricks that help you travel like a V.I.P. when you secretly ain’t ish. And as corny as this opening to this blog post is, I hope you utilize these tips to make going to the airport something both exciting and easy instead of dreadful and time consuming. Seatguru/ Upgrade to economy plus Before…

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    Enchanted By Sorrento

    The moment I stepped foot in Sorrento, I completely fell in love. The charming beach town which is accessible from Naples, is a spot everybody should visit if they’re planning a trip to Italy. What I most loved about my visit there was the fact that I did absolutely nothing. I know the point of writing about somewhere you visited is typically to include recommendations, but my only piece of advice is to just come and explore. I traveled to Sorrento with 6 other people and during our short time there, we fell into a pattern that included walking, eating and taking in a view somewhere. I have learned that…

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    Bougie On A Budget In Paris

    While Paris paints a picture of fine wine, the Eiffel Tower and berets for most, for me it painted a picture of my bank account quickly draining. Every person I had ever spoken to about Paris prior to going had complained about how it’s so expensive which makes it unenjoyable. Since I was four months into my time abroad when I visited the city, my budget was a bit smaller. Even though I had to be more responsible with my spending, I was determined to still be bougie on a budget in the city of lights. St. Christopher  Inn We decided to stay at the St. Christopher’s Inn by Gare du…

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    Five Parts Of The World In 48 Hours

    In 48 hours I managed to travel by car to India, Vietnam, Spain, Greece and The Middle East; well at least my tastebuds did. In an expedition to once again travel around the world through food found in my own city, a few of my friends and I were able to experience the cuisine of five different areas of our magnificent world within two days. Even though we were still in -10 degree Minnesota, these meals were a fun way to escape the never ending dropping temperature. Copper Pot  https://www.facebook.com/CopperPotIndianGrill/ Our first stop on our journey was at an Indian restaurant called Copper Pot located in Minneapolis. I’m not going…

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    Spotlight on Minsk

    Name: Anya City: Minsk How long have you lived there or how much time have you spent there? I’m originally from Belarus, however, I was born in the city Barisov which is about an hour away from Minsk. Over the summer I was on a research trip in Moscow, towards the end, I took a three week detour to Belarus where I spent about a week living in Minsk. Best places to eat?  Belarus has the cheapest food, and the quality is fantastic. My friend from Ukraine praised Belarusian dairy producers. Minsk is great with traditional food, old town Minsk has a wonderful spot called Staravilenskaya Karcha (Старавіленская карчма), while…

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    Witnessing Magic at Warner Brothers Studio

    I have always loved watching movies. The stories, the sets, the wardrobes and the music has captivated me for as long as I can remember. Though I typically preach to stay away from super touristy activities, I would have totally kicked myself for going to California and not doing a studio tour. After convincing my family that we should go on one (even though we only had a day and a half in L.A.), the internet led us to choosing the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. *Adult ticket is $65 (12 years and up) and a child is $55 We arrived in Burbank the next day and were led onto carts…

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    It makes me so sad when I go back to home to Maryland and people can’t even conceptualize the fact that my family moved from the suburbs of D.C. to Minn-e-so-tahh. To them, this area of the country is about as relevant as Siberia. The only things they seem to associate with this northern state is cold, corn and Fargo accents. “What is there even to do there?”, I hear like a broken record. Uff da people! It so far from the truth that Minnesota is a barren and frozen wasteland and I have put together a list to show you why! Lake Calhoun Maybe we don’t have an ocean…

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    An Unconventional Guide to Learning a Language

    I remember landing in Peru five years back and thinking that I would impress the hell out of all the Spanish speakers I was soon to meet. They would think who is this gringa and how did she manage to conquer the Spanish language by age 15? You see I had just completed my 3rd year of Spanish and could tell what an object was if you pointed at it as well as the color of my dog and descriptive sentences about myself in the present form (preterite if I was feeling bold). I was tragically wrong and learned that I still had a ton of learning left until I…

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    Off the Beaten Path- Rome

    Having been both a tourist and resident of Rome, I learned a lot about what it means to truly get to know a city. When I was 16, my visit to The Eternal City covered all the major spots (the Trevi, Vatican, Colosseum, ect). My mom and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off attempting to see every sight that seemed to have a long line of tourists. After doing this, I naively thought that I had seen pretty much all of what Rome had to offer. Coming back a few years later and staying five months taught me that I was incredibly wrong. I learned that…

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