An Interesting Time at Lollafalooza

I decided to make this post about my adventure to Lollapalooza. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty sure that this was the least prepared I have ever been for a trip which is pretty damn hard considering one time my friend and I decided we were going to drive to Canada in the middle of the day (shoutout to you Manu). I decided to buy a Thursday ticket to the music festival held yearly in Grant Park when I was still in Rome. I saw that Muse was headlining and after trying to see them for 5 years, I finally had my chance. I convinced three other friends from school to tag along and our plans were set.
Here is what happened (please read that in a dramatic voice):
August 1st, 2017

10:00 AM- Left Minnesota and headed to Ames, Iowa with a friend.

10:45 AM- Looked at lots of corn

11:30 AM- Still looking at corn

1:00 PM- Arrive in Ames and had an internal debate of why I go to school here. I am such a city girl.

2:00 PM- Reunite with friends and remember why I don’t wanna transfer. Love you all!

3:00 PM- Drive to Des Moines to pick up a couch. The adventures are truly endless.

7:00 PM- Ate at new restaurant called Provisions. Super good and if you ever find yourself in Ames, try it out!

10:00 PM- Realized I left all my cash and toiletries in Minnesota. Preceded to sleep on a yoga mat on my friend Collin’s floor.

August 2nd, 2017

10:00 AM: Woke up feeling like I slept on a yoga mat

12:00 PM: Bought toiletries at CVS

1:00 PM: Had lunch with my friend Mandy.

6:00 PM: Went to Ames 2nd largest attraction, Walmart.

7:00 PM-Watched The Dark Knight and realized the movie is about 9 hours too long.

10:00 PM- Met up with my friend Garrett and got dessert at Insomnia Cookies. Then slept on his futon which was more comfortable than my bed at home.

August 3rd, 2017 (Lolla day!!!)

7:30 AM- Garrett and I got breakfast at my favorite restaurant in Ames, The Cafe.

9:00 AM- One friend decides that they can’t go to Lolla so I invite my friend Ashley who is on the way there. She is very confused when I call and says she can’t go, but then changes her mind when I tell her Lorde is playing.
10:00 AM- 1:00 PM: Play a game called can I hold my breath the entire time we pass through small towns in Illinois. Win this game until we pick up Ashley and Rachel in Clinton, Illinois.

1:00 PM-4:00 PM- Drive to Chicago. Hit that awesome traffic Chicago seems to have no matter what time you’re there.

4:30 PM: Park at a parking garage a bit outside the city and take the train in.

5:15 PM: Arrive at Lolla and am amazed at how big it is! There is so much going on that I can’t choose what I want to do. The vibe is amazing. I make a remark about how stupid the people wearing the plastic rain ponchos look. We also realize that each of us has twenty percent or less on our phones, oops.

5:30 PM- 8:45 PM- Got to see Migos, Jon Bellion, Wiz Khalifa and Cage The Elephant. I didn’t realize that the stages at Lolla are so far from each other and at this point in the day we had walked over nine miles.
8:45 PM- Realized that both Lorde and Muse are on stage at the same time. We decide to see Lorde’s first few songs and then will head over to see the rest of Muse’s set. Lorde gets on stage and it is drizzling. She sings and her voice is so good and the crowd is so hyped that some people look like they’re having seizures.

9:00 PM- It’s pouring. The grass is flooding and things are not looking good. I am kind of jealous of the people that have rain ponchos. Lorde is pulled off the stage because it starts lightening. I scream at my friends that we need to run to Muse’s stage but knew deep inside they were probably shut down too. As everybody is sprinting out of the park, I am running in the opposite direction (must see Muse). We do this until we are forced to evacuate the park. The rain hides my tears.

9:30 PM- Walk around the pouring rain in Chicago and almost got hit by endless cars because I was so mad that I decided they could wait for me to cross even though they had a green light.

10:00 PM- Get on an extremely crowded train to go back to where our car is park. Sat next to a couple that was clearly on acid and wouldn’t stop chewing on things. They seemed like they didn’t even know it was raining. A homeless man kept asking me in I had fun at Lollfaloza.

10:45 PM- Realize the train station is in a not great area and power walk to parking garage. Once we get to the parking garage we see a giant closed sign. A girl that is also locked out calls 911 and they say it’s not their problem. Standing outside of the parking garage in soaking wet clothes and unable to get to our belongings or car the only person with battery left (3 percent) calls and uber.

11:00 PM: Take an Uber to a friend’s house and show up with no car, no belongings and dripping clothes. Uber driver was blasting the A.C. and I thought that one of us was for sure going to die from hypothermia.

11:45 PM- Arrive at friend’s house and am mildly impressed when his dad doesn’t question the fact that we are soaking wet, have no belongings or car. We pull ourselves together and call it a night.

Even though Lolla didn’t go as planned, it was still an adventure I’ll remember. I really had no expectations which is probably for the best with how everything turned out. The people I was with made the situation a lot more comical and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

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