Spotlight on Orange County

Name: Katrina Gregorian

City: Orange County, CA

How long have you lived there? 10 years

Best places to eat?

I personally love all kinds and types of food! For cheap eats, I recommend In-n-out — Best burgers for super cheap, they have never changed their prices since they’ve opened! You can’t go wrong with Mexican food either. I also recommend this restaurant called Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. I love Thai food, my favorite restaurant is called Royal Thai. Acai bowls are also huge here, I recommend going to Banzai Bowl. There are also tons of coffee shops, my favorites are Milk & Honey, Kit Coffee, and Tru Bru Organic Coffee.

Best attractions to visit?

Disneyland is in Anaheim, which is always fun and great to experience at least once. There are tons of beaches that have a lot of shops and restaurants to explore. My favorite beaches are Newport and Laguna Beach. Anaheim Packing House is also fun with tons of different types of food from around the world. You can choose from normal food to all types of desserts (super trendy)

What is overrated?

LA is not too far from Orange County and I think it is a bit overrated. It is a lot of fun the first few times you go, but the traffic and trendiness can get overrated.

Best free things to do?

Going to the beach and doing fun hikes! I also always love going to the beach and watching the sunset.

Do you have a metro system?

No, you pretty much have to drive everywhere you go. But Uber is very helpful!

Best places for nightlife?

Newport Beach has a lot of fun bars and Huntington Beach. LA is not too far of a drive without traffic, it is about 40 minutes and has big clubs and nightlife. Taco Tuesday is also huge here and it’s always great to add some fun during the week.

Best shopping?

We have huge malls with endless stores. My favorites are Fashion Island, South Coast Plaza, and Irvine Spectrum. You can find any store within these 3 malls and they are outdoor which makes it fun to walk around and grab a bite to eat.

Advice for someone visiting?

Bring clothes for warm weather! It is mostly sunny and hot in Southern California, especially Orange County. Take a lot of pictures and be open to trying different types of food because there are a ton of diverse choices!


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