How To Not Go Insane On A Long Haul Flight

When I was a kid and people would ask the popular question of what superhero power you would have and why, I would always give the same answer. While other kids responded with super strength or invisibility, I wanted to be able to teleport to other places. This wasn’t because I thought it was cool or wanted to save the world, but because of my hatred of long distance flights. Unfortunately I am still just your average human that loathes being stuck in a metal flying tube for 12 hours, but I have found some ways to make it more bearable.

Dress in layers

I know this is a very popular tip but I always see people that fail to do this. Planes often start off very cold and get hotter as the flights goes on. Dressing in layers will help you from freezing or melting.

Bring a change of clothes

I recommend bringing pajamas as well as a fresh pair of clothes for the morning if your flight is overnight. The pajamas will help you feel comfortable when you want to sleep and the change of clothes will make you feel refreshed.

Ear plugs

Earplugs will save your sanity when the baby on the plane starts screaming or the man next to you can’t stop coughing.

Blanket and pillow

Most long distance flights will provide you a sack full of cotton balls and a thin sheet for your sleepy time. Believe it or not they aren’t very helpful. Bring a warm blanket and either a regular pillow (if you have a window seat) or one of the neck pillows (if you have a middle or aisle seat).

Eye Mask

I remember on a flight from Houston to Lima, the woman next to me kept her reading light on the whole way. I vowed that day that I would neverrrr fly without a eye mask again. Make sure to bring one so you can make it nighttime whenever you choose.


If you don’t wanna feel gross or gross others out, bring toiletries with you on the plane. I like to wash my face, brush my teeth and use dry shampoo before I go to bed. Moisturizers are also incredibly important to have on hand. Airplanes really dry your skin out so lather up!

Good Headphones

Noise canceling headphones are great for flights. I love to bring my Bose earbuds every time I travel. They are way better than the headphones the airline provides and another way to block the noises of your fellow passengers.

Hand Sanitizer

Planes are really dirty. That tray that you eat off of and rest your head on most likely isn’t clean. Before I use it, I like to take some hand sanitizer and a tissue to wipe it off.


I like to bring a little something something to snack on mid flight. I’ll typically bring either a protein bar, an applesauce pouch or some mixed nuts. Just make sure that whatever you bring doesn’t have a strong smell. Don’t be that person!

Chargers/Battery Pack

We kind of assume every long haul flight nowadays has outlets but this is wrong. On my American Airlines flight from Zurich to New York, the plane had no outlets in economy. Considering I was at 30 percent and had 9 hours until I landed, I was not happy. I now make sure to bring a battery pack just in case.

Download on Netflix and Spotify

I was also quite displeased on that flight when I saw there was no entertainment. My hopes of watching movies for hours on end turned into me twiddling my thumbs and getting antsy. Before any flight now I download shows on Netflix and music on Spotify so I can watch offline.

Bonus tips:

Try to choose your seat ahead of time. The window is great for sleeping and the aisle is great for a bit of extra room and bathroom breaks.

Move around during your flight. Get up every so often and stretch. You’ll regret it later if you don’t.

Make friends with the people around you. It makes the time go by faster when you have someone to talk to.

If you want to be served a meal first order a specialty meal. Choose a Kosher or vegetarian option when booking your flight.

Let me know in the comments some tips I may have forgotten!

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