Witnessing Magic at Warner Brothers Studio

I have always loved watching movies. The stories, the sets, the wardrobes and the music has captivated me for as long as I can remember. Though I typically preach to stay away from super touristy activities, I would have totally kicked myself for going to California and not doing a studio tour. After convincing my family that we should go on one (even though we only had a day and a half in L.A.), the internet led us to choosing the Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

*Adult ticket is $65 (12 years and up) and a child is $55

We arrived in Burbank the next day and were led onto carts to take us around the property. I automatically liked our tour guide when he didn’t make us do those horrible and awkward ice breakers that I saw other group unhappily participating in. We were first shown different streets that transported us to NYC, Chicago, an anywhere U.S.A suburban street, etc. It was kind of eerie since these places look like functioning towns minus the people. We learned about movies, shows and music videos that were filmed directly where we were standing. The tour seemed to emphasize places that Gilmore Girls, Friends, Pretty Little Liars and Shameless film/filmed. We were also led to a small patch of grass that we later learned was what was used as Central Park in Friends. It was unbelievable to me that an area smaller than my backyard seemed like an 843 acre park on camera. It is truly magic.


Here is the diner from Shameless            The clip below from Rent was filmed here

After that, we went to a small museum that housed props from DC comics and Harry Potter. We were able to walk around for 15 minutes and look at things like clothing Gal Gadot wore in Wonder Woman and glasses Daniel Radcliffe wore in Harry Potter. It was super cool but I wish we would have had a bit more time.

We left the museum and were taken to the soundstage of the show Lucifer. I wasn’t able to take pictures inside but was shown all around the humongous building which housed the set. I never would have imagined that some of my favorite shows are filmed in what looks like a huge warehouse. After I returned to Minnesota, I watched Lucifer with a friend and annoyingly pointed out all the places I touched even though she didn’t care.

Our tour guide told us to get excited because the next soundstage we would be visiting was for Bella Thorne’s new show. You can imagine everybody’s relief when instead our cart rolled up to where they film The Ellen Show. We were able to walk around the famous set for about 10 minutes and there was not one person there who didn’t secretly hope Ellen would pop out.

The second to last part of the tour was spent looking inside a building that housed the cars that were used in DC’s films like Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. It’s so funny now knowing that these tricked out cars are just Impalas underneath.

Image result for batmobile warner

For the last part of our day at Warner Brothers, we separated from our tour guide and were brought into a building that was home to the original Central Perk set from Friends. You can sit on the famous couches and take a picture but the line was so long that I didn’t think it was worth it. The exhibit also had some other interesting things to see like wardrobe from famous Pretty Little Liars episodes and more information on how actually putting movies together works. My dad and I were able to sit in on a showing of how they made the sound for the film Gravity.

Before leaving, you walk through a extremely overpriced Starbucks that is Central Perk themed, but for the love of God save your money.

Touring Warner Brothers was honestly such a dream come true and if you find yourself in L.A. don’t miss it!!

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