Celebrating the Super Bowl with 6one7 Productions

I think that my favorite Super Bowl of all time was last year. I celebrated by paying no attention to it because I was in Greece and when one is in Greece, football is the last thing on their mind (not that it’s ever really on my mind). Honestly, I am not a big football fan and as unAmerican as that may be, I just don’t have the attention span or the patience to watch the sport. One thing I am a fan of though is a good celebration. No matter how big or small, I am always down for a party. So of course when I found out that this year’s Super Bowl was being held in my city of Minneapolis, I had to get in on the action.  

As the clock struck around 10:00 PM and the men on T.V. were done doing their thing, I was ready to begin mine. I took an Uber over to the Union Bar and Grill to attend the after party being held by Boston based entertainment company 6one7 Productions. The typically modern eatery was transformed into a three story club with a D.J. from a different city on each floor. The infamous rooftop that is covered in glass had people dancing to music from all genres while either celebrating their win or mourning their loss (and some Vikings fans that were still salty we didn’t make it to the Super Bowl). There was an ice bar outside that was well frozen since it was -10 degrees out and you could really separate the out of towner from the Minnesotans because the Minnesotans were brave enough to go and take a picture with it. At one point there was talk that Mark Wahlberg’s brother was there so I Googled his picture. I then spent too much time looking for him and learned that a weird amount of men look like Mark Wahlberg’s brother.

Though the party ended at 4:00 AM, I wrapped my night up at around 1:30 AM because I had to get up for work at 7:00. Even though the Super Bowl is not my cup of tea, it was amazing to have it take over Minneapolis for the weekend. My only critique I have for the NFL is to put it on a Saturday next year so I can celebrate a bit longer! Who do I contact for that?

Thank you so much for 6one7 for hosting me and here are some pics of my night below! I

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